Anatoly0802, 19 , Россия с чувством юмора
Anatoly0802 Россия
Ljudmila, 57 , Россия I know how to love, how to be a good friend, how to support, to give and receive. I am a wonderful homemaker, perfect cook, handy, humorous. I never lose hope. I like noisy parties and quiet evenings. I am experienced in personal relationship and I have much to offer.
Ljudmila Россия
AmoreArden, 30 , Россия AmoreArden: Жена, търся Мъж, Россия, Нижний новгород
AmoreArden Россия
Natalya28, 36 , Россия I am looking for somebody to enjoy my life with. Movies, mall, shore, day and weekend trips are great, but sometimes I just enjoy staying in and renting a movie. I am very family oriented. I work at a great job and go to school part time and still I find myself with a lot of free time. I need a...
Natalya28 Россия
Bobmarley85, 32 , Россия Веселый и обоятельный MEN
Bobmarley85 Россия
Potapovala, 37 , Россия I the cheerful girl, love a life and people, kind, decent and moral what and itself I am. I respect with such people and I appreciate, very much would like to get acquainted with them here.
Potapovala Россия
Maskit79, 29 , Россия Maskit79: Мъж, търся Жена, Россия, Нижний новгород
Maskit79 Россия
Etm160, 36 , Россия Etm160: Жена, търся Мъж, Россия, Нижний новгород
Etm160 Россия
Haski, 29 , Россия Haski: Мъж, търся Жена, Россия, Нижний новгород
Haski Россия
Tupik, 37 , Россия Tupik: Мъж, търся Жена, Россия, Нижний новгород
Tupik Россия
Nata79232, 23 , Россия Поговорим лично об этом :)
Nata79232 Россия
Beniez, 36 , Россия Я честный, умный, прекрасный, и интеллектуальный черный человек.
Beniez Россия
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